1796 Harwich Resoration

I believe the rescues and restoration was a major accomplishment by our company. The homeowners had great respect and devotion for preservation.

This house had multiple 19th + 20th century additions. At one period a two-story rear addition housed tenants on the second floor and a bakery on the first floor. The owner loved the main house. The house was covered in aluminum siding and the entire building had fallen into disrepair. All of the additions became structurally compromised and had to be removed.

The main Cape style house was salvaged! The original house had sat directly on the ground. We had the house lifted and excavated for a full foundation with an increase of size twice that of the main house.

Once lifted, we discovered that the floor frame was beyond saving. The house was left essentially with its original bones and sheathing. We remove all of the exterior trim windows, doors and siding. We constructed a new floor that the original house now sits on. We salvaged the majority of the original interior trim and reproduced new trim for the entire original house and additions.


Complete building lift

New 8ft foundation

Complete gut of the interior to original frame

Frames roof over the existing roof frame to expose antique frame

Built multiple additions onto the original house frame

Design & built reproduction main entry on front of the original house

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