Custom Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

In our view, a successful historic home kitchen and bath remodel is defined by designing and building whatever suits the client’s needs. At Tom Turcketta Building and Remodeling, we prefer not to label it a “remodel,” because every aspect of what we do is custom-designed.

Custom Built Cabinets

Everything we build begins with the raw materials, and the entire process is produced in house by our craftsmen. We purchase all lumber raw, then cut it, mill it and shape it. This custom process allows us to design cabinets that are uniquely sized to fit into specialized areas. Conversely, manufactured cabinets at big box stores are restricted in size, and therefore limit what you can do during a historic home remodel, forcing the use of fillers to accommodate different sizes. We design all our cabinets by hand, without using fillers, so if you desire eight-foot cabinets, for example, we will build eight-foot cabinets.

Make the most of your available space

Customize Your Space

We are trained woodworkers, and although we specialize in custom cabinets, we also design and build kitchen cabinets and islands, pantries, and built-in desks alike. We can install decorative beams, beadboard walls, paneled ceilings, molding, trim, and more. We can also match balusters on staircases, design built-in shelves and storage cabinets, and custom design window sashes, entry doors and exterior thresholds.

We will outfit our custom cabinets with any type of accessory, from pull-outs and stainless-steel baskets to cabinets designed around stoves, ovens and wine chillers.

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Let’s work together to preserve your home’s history

General Contractor for Historic Homes

We will serve as your general contractor, hiring the mechanical subs, the plumbers, the electricians, the tile setters and the plasterers, and handling all necessary permitting.

Likewise, we try to meet all our client’s needs with our custom baths, which are designed and built from scratch, including custom showers, whirlpool tubs, vanities, heated floors, linen closets with dovetail drawers, inset doors, painted cabinets and a wide array of built-in units.

As with every aspect of a historic home renovation, we will be at your side from start to finish, beginning with obtaining the permits or engineering for the project. We will custom design and build your kitchen or anything else to your specifications.

Historically sensitive bathroom remodel

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