Antique Home Consulting

With nearly 50 years of experience working on historic home restorations, repairs and remodels, Tom Turcketta is uniquely qualified to assess your property before you make the decision to purchase. He charges a minimal fee, depending on the size of the home and the number of buildings on the property.

Masonry should be examined thoroughly

Improper flashing can lead to rot

Unique Experience in Historical Structures

Tom sits on the Old King’s Highway Historic District Committee and thus is intimately familiar with the often-cumbersome red tape that is associated with obtaining permits and approval from state governments and local historical districts. He has also developed respected, long-standing working relationships with local realtors, who regularly recommend him to clients who are in the market for an antique home.

With the experience I’ve had, I can pretty much walk into any antique home and speculate on what I’ll find with the structure.

Get an Expert Opinion

Tom will offer a verbal assessment of the home and will also evaluate any home inspection report you might have already conducted to determine if anything was missed. He will meticulously inspect the entire structure, from the attic to the basement, searching for potential issues, such as dips and weaves in the floors, hollow window sills, insect damage, water intrusion, moisture in a crawl space, missing flashing from windows and doors, and dust or dirt on trim and the side of the house.

…all are telltale signs of problems, and you want to catch it in the beginning stages. You don’t want to buy an antique house without knowing what you’re getting yourself into.

Each house is different. It’s hard to say exactly what you will find until you open things up.

Structural repairs & General Contracting

Once you decide on a purchase, Tom Turcketta Building and Remodeling will serve as the general contractor, working with house lifting contractors, and other professional subcontractors, including the excavation, foundation and mechanical subs, the plumbers, the electricians and the heating contractors, while handling all the necessary permitting to make sure the project goes smoothly and is completed in a timely fashion.

Structural repair incorporating original materials

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