Reverend Bacon Home Restoration

The following photos illustrate the historical restoration of the Reverend Bacon house, originally built in 1840. Exterior renovations included copper drain pipes, wooden gutters and cedar shingled roof.


A new 3-season sunroom was added to match the look of the rest of the house.


Completed exterior along with new landscaping.


The kitchen was completely gutted. New custom cabinets and beadboard were installed, along with pine board flooring that was salvaged from another home of the same period. The countertops were finished in marble and a pantry was fitted with custom shelving.


The following images show the renovations of three bathrooms in this house. Note that one door was cut in half and hinged to fold, so as not to obstruct the window. New wainscoting was added and light fixtures were salvaged from this home and re-used.



Restored front staircase. Completed with decorative molding and stair skirt.


These stairs were added to replace a steep and dangerous ladder-like staircase to the attic.


The renovated attic and another original door split in half to save room and allow light from the window. Original beams were preserved. Storage cabinets were added to fit the angles of the room.


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